Thursday, 10 April 2014

#79: Learn to make risotto

Yes, cooking things are decidedly middle age...but then again so am I now. This is admittedly one of the more dull ones I'm going to publish but, let's face it, it's not like I can usually be found swinging from the rafters every evening so I might as well show more of my quiet, domestic, side as well.

I only really started to cook a few years ago. Living in NYC, my idea of cooking was to pick up the phone and order take out to be delivered. So one thing that's been on my cooking list is to learn how to make a nice risotto, which I've been told was difficult to get right sometimes.

Photo credit: Marco Mayer / Shutterstock

On a recommendation from a friend, I went with Jaime Oliver's recipe for Risotto of Radicchio, Bacon, Rosemary, and Red Wine. It turned out ok. By which I mean, it was edible.

I could do with some more practice.

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