Saturday, 17 May 2014

#100: Get my UK Passport

I've reached 100!

After almost 10 years of living in the UK, I finally got my first UK passport. After years of having a student visa, highly skilled migrant worker visa (my parents were so proud to learn I was considered a migrant worker), taking the citizenship test, becoming a citizen in 2011 and filling out all the forms along the way, I somehow never quite got around to making it truly official by getting a passport. I can still travel on my US passport, so there was never any particular urgency and there were a lot of forms to fill out, pictures to be notarised and queues to stand in.

I had flirted with getting my passport over the years, but I never quite got around to it, much like my Ex and I who lived together for 9 years and spoke of getting married but never (apparently) actually made a lifetime commitment to each other. It was official, but not official. I was a citizen but without proof. When push came to shove and I was at border control having to choose what lane I go down, 'EU citizen' or 'Other', I had no choice but to take my flash American Blue passport and join the 'Others' in line.

So now I've jumped through all the hoops, queues and waiting rooms and can officially travel as a Brit. God help you.

A fitting way to reach #100

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