Thursday, 15 May 2014

#98: Have a BBQ

Photo: Dzinnik Darius / Shuttestock

Like many Americans, I love a good BBQ. Not just the food, but the atmosphere: friends getting together for casual drinks and food. Barbecue is a way of life and something that I really look forward to in the spring/summer. But for me it's not just reserved for the hot weather. As a kid growing up, when it snowed my parents put me to work with the snow shovel, not to clear the walk out front, but to clear a path to the BBQ so we could cook dinner. Blizzards may not be circle around the barbie weather, but there's no bad time to light up a grill.

On a nice summer evening, however, there is nothing better than grilling outside and enjoying great company and time with friends and family in a relaxing, casual way that you just can't have around a formal dining table.

With spring now sprung and summer encroaching upon us, I foresee many more BBQs in my future.

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