Sunday, 5 October 2014

#156: Go to a book reading: Jennifer Saunders' Bonkers

When I started the year I put 'Go to a Book Reading' on my list because I thought it was something that I could do to get me out of the house and out in the world again by doing something cultural and intelligent. Fast forward 10 months and this has been a task that seems to be taunting me. I'm sure there have been some good books out there this year, but short of going to Hay festival in May (which I missed), I haven't been able to find any book readings for something intellectual but fun. So looking at Royal Festival Hall's programme, I bit the bullet and got tickets for some friends and I to go see Clare Balding interview Jennifer Saunders about her new book, Bonkers.

Book reading: done. Fun night out with friends: Complete.

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