Sunday, 12 October 2014

#159: Try a Hopi Ear Candle treatment

I like to occasionally try new/alternative treatments and, unlike Reiki -- I'm not going to pay to have someone hover their hands over me while I lay on a table, the ear candle idea intrigued me, especially because I have slight ear/hearing issues.

Originating from the Native American Indian tribe called the Hopis, this technique uses a cotton tube impregnated with a selection of herbs and is inserted in the ear and lit. It was created to draw out impurities and relieve pressure in the head and sinuses. It's suppose to also be good at relieving jet lag and ear problems.

It probably doesn't do anything at all, but it was a relaxing hour, which in itself was a pleasant relief.

Photo Credit: Kzenon / Shutterstock

1 comment:

  1. Hi There.
    Love you site, and the list.

    Please Don't do ear candling.

    It does not work, it cannot work, There is zero evidence it works.
    It can cause damage to the ear, and people get seriously injured falling asleep and the hair catches fire.

    You can "rinse" your ears for a much more effective and safe treatment.

    So sorry for taking the fun out of it... as a consolation maybe I could offer this for your list....
    Learn by heart a great poem (Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Yates etc) or a passage from a great Novel.. I learned the "What a piece of work is a man" soliloquy from Hamlet.. It was a heck of alot of fun to learn and get the intonation on each part "just Right" and people always seem to really enjoy hearing it when I recite it.