Friday, 17 October 2014

#161: Take a Scuba lesson

I've long heard stories from friends who've gone diving in exotic places and thought that would be something I'd REALLY like to do. Trying SCUBA is thus not only on my Break Up List but it's also a lifetime Bucket List item as well.

Swimming with tropical fish (but not in a Godfather 'Luca Brasi swims with the fishes' kind of way) has always seemed so peaceful and calming, but I have never done anything other than snorkel before. Being on top of the water was one thing, but swimming at depth along side the fish seemed even more exciting. One of the big reasons we chose to stay where we did was because they had free 'Discover Scuba' classes, where they teach you the Scuba basics and then take you out on a supervised open water dive in the reefs near the hotel, all of which would count towards getting a PADI license, should you like it enough to get fully certified.  It was a perfect way to tick this hard to achieve item off this year's list.

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