Saturday, 8 March 2014

#219: Go on a detox holiday

I kicked started my weight loss program in mid-2012 by doing a 5-day juice detox program and I got a lot out of it. It certainly helped change my eating habits and got me on the path to losing a significant amount of weight since then. However, it didn’t compare to the experiences some friends have had when they went away (by themselves) on a detox holiday. I knew at some point I wanted to try that as it would push me on a few fronts: travelling alone to a foreign country, improving my health, losing weight and ultimately cleaning up my mind, body and spirit.

I’ve realised recently that despite how it may look on the outside, I still have some healing to do on the inside, both literally and figuratively speaking. These types of programs are both physically and mentally draining. Last year I couldn’t have handled putting myself through the strain of a comprehensive detox program when I was so emotionally raw. But I’m now ready for it…or so I thought!

On recommendation of a friend, I’ve gone to Thailand for my ‘retreat’. It’s thorough and it’s tough. There’s a regular schedule everyday and with all the running up and down mountains, water drinking, supplements, shakes and flushes, I’m kept very busy.

I hope to leave here refreshed and carrying less weight, emotionally and physically. It’s not an easy or necessarily relaxing holiday, but I know I’m going to feel so much better at the end of it…and that is what it’s all about.

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