Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#233: Spend a day gardening

Before and after

I am currently on gardening leave while I work out my notice period for my old job, before I start my new job. I love to potter in the garden, and living in London I'm lucky enough to have a patio, but it's a far cry from the kind of real garden I grew up with in the country.

My friend is a professional gardener who has a fantastic gardening business in London, Hedgehoggs, so it was a real treat to be able to join her gardening in a proper garden for a day. The fact that it was Nigel Slater's garden made it even more special! Being ankle deep in compost and hedge clippings and having sore muscles the next day was well worth it when you can see what a difference a hard day's graft makes. Made me appreciate how easy my desk job is and realise THAT (gardening) is a real job.

If you live in or near London and need any sort of gardening or maintenance work done, give Hedgehoggs a call!

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